Rank Math SEO Features You're Probably Not Using But Should be

We have been using the Rank Math SEO WordPress plugin since 2000. We firstly trialled it on our own sites, and we were so impressed that we recommended it to many of our SEO clients. After loving the free version of the plugin we decided to level up and pay for a Business Plan. Alongside this, we have become an affiliate partner as well. So yes, I think we kind of like Rank Math!

Therefore we thought it was about time we shared some of our favourite, and maybe not so obvious Rank Math features that you might not be using, and maybe aren’t even aware of. In our opinion these are some of the best features of Rank Math SEO.

Top tip: Stop focusing on getting a green light for your pages and spend time getting to know the below 😉

Rank Math redirects

One of the biggest selling points when moving to the Rank Math plugin, for me was that the free version offers the ability to add redirects. Most free SEO plugins don’t seem to offer an inbuilt solution for redirects we have found which means you need to have an extra plugin on top of your SEO plugin to set up redirects.

And of course, we all know the more plugins you have on your site, the slower and messier the back end of your website is.

If you pay for the pro Rank Math plugin, you will have access to the advanced redirections module which will allow you to do things like bulk import redirects from a CSV file.

Having the ability to add redirects is essential for any website to ensure a seamless user experience and clean linking.

Adding schema

I love how easy it is to add schema using Rank Math. For many clients and on our own sites we have set up dynamic templates which makes adding schema to a website at scale.

The ability to add schema aka structured data so easily without the need of a web developer makes life so much easier. Schema can be an absolute game changer on the search results. For example, for an Australian food and beverage website we work with, we have added recipe schema to over 180 recipe posts and this has resulted in over half a million impressions of search results in the recipe gallery and recipe rich search results and 15k clicks in the last 16 months!

The attention this schema has brought to the website is incredible. Rank Math made it easy to achieve these results.

Recipe Rich Results Example - Beef Involtini

PS: Also I am not going to lie that I am very happy to see Woolworths ranking after Buy West Eat Best for this example!

Content AI

This is an extension to the plugin, so you will need to pay for Content AI. For the starter plan it is about AU$90 for a year which gives you a certain amount of credits to use each month. My only dislike with this so far (I have only recently purchased it and started using it) is that the credits don’t roll over each month.

What I like about Content AI and any AI tool out there is it can help elevate your work. Don’t forget, you are the brains behind what AI can help you create.

With Rank Math’s Content AI, you can do things like:

  • Do keyword research right in your post
  • Research competitors and trends
  • Help with content ideas and writing your content
  • Help with improving your content – making it more readable
  • Custom prompts
  • Automating image optimisation
  • Automating metadata optimisation

As with any AI, it’s important to remember it’s teamwork. You are the person with the expertise, creativity and human touch – don’t forget that. To make your content stand out online it needs YOU and your unique points of view, experiences and expertise.

And yes I have used Content AI in the production of this post for little bits here and there, can you tell?

Internal linking suggestions

Internal linking within your website is so important. It helps Google understand your website better and it helps show your audience through your website.

I love that Rank Math SEO makes internal linking super easy by offering up suggestions of links to potentially include in your content. I find the Link Suggestions section sometimes a bit hidden away which means many people potentially miss it and don’t use it.

To locate it, you need to go to the Post Settings section on your post and scroll down to Link Suggestions. These suggestions are based on categories, tags and pillar posts you have set up.


Configure general settings properly

I know this seems like a no-brainer. But the amount of times we have taken on new clients who already had Rank Math SEO set up but hadn’t configured it, is countless. Either use the handy Setup Wizard found on your Rank Math dashboard or simply navigate to the General Settings to review.

I would also highly recommend ensuring you have reviewed the Titles & Meta section as well 😉

Rank Math Blocks

I also love the Rank Math Blocks that become available in your WordPress editor once you have installed the plugin. Currently there are six blocks available and these let you do things like add an SEO-friendly table of contents in the click of a button or add FAQs inbuilt with schema.

Rank Math WordPress Blocks

My final thoughts on Rank Math SEO

Rank Math SEO not only simplifies optimising your website but it gives beginner to pro SEO’s more options to enhance your content and user-friendliness of your website.

If you are using Rank Math SEO either the free or pro version, don’t let these features go unnoticed like the second page on the Google search results! Take a moment to explore the Rank Math plugin and make the most out of its SEO capabilities. Trust me, your website will thank you!

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