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Morgan and Casey - Grand Cru Digital Team

Introducing the husband & wife team behind the brand

Casey is a professional search marketer in the fields of SEO and Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords). She started working in web content roles in 2012 and has brought together her technical skills and online creativity to bring small to large businesses online success.

Grand Cru Digital was born in 2018, after Casey & Morgan moved rural. It was then in 2020, after the birth of their son, Albie, when Morgan left his full time job to work part time in the business and spend more time with the family.

What sets GCD apart from your typical SEO & Google Ads Specialists are our authentic and honest approach. We genuinely care about our clients and their businesses – if you succeed, we succeed and vice versa.

We constantly keep up with the latest Google algorithmic updates and news so that we can have a proactive approach to our SEO strategies.

What does Grand Cru mean?

Grand Cru is French for ‘great growth’. It is a regional wine classification for vineyards which are recognised for producing quality wines.

Why Grand Cru?

Casey has a definite passion for the wine world. She worked in the wine industry for over 5 years before starting to blog about wine via travellingcorkscrew.com.au (now in its 12th year). Since moving to Australia (previously Europe, Dubai, Thailand and initially New Zealand) Travelling Corkscrew has really flourished.

A large part of Casey’s wine blogging success can be attributed to her search marketing skill set. She worked in SEO, Google Ads and content roles for 6 years in Perth, Western Australia before moving to Victoria to start Grand Cru with her husband, Morgan in 2018.

We love the online marketing world, and nothing brings us more satisfaction than helping our clients achieve ‘great growth’ for their business.

Say hello to Casey & Morgan:


To operate a successful wife & husband run boutique SEO and Google Ads consultancy who business owners trust and love to work with.

The behind the scenes GCD team

Grand Cru Digital The Interns

Albie & Evie

The Interns

Our two littlest team members, joined the business as our interns in 2020 and 2022. They encourage us to get away from the computers and have balance in our days.

Fizzy - Chief Furry Officer - Grand Cru Digital


Meow-keting Manager

Fizzy is a domestic short-haired tabby rescue cat we adopted in Perth. She loves milk breaks, office naps and ignoring any tasks assigned to her.

Crackle - CFO - Chief Furry Officer - Grand Cru Digital


Cat-mmunications Officer

Crackle is Fizzy’s twin brother. Crackle is the office clown and loves to be the centre of attention. He also thinks he’s still a kitten despite his 7.5kg frame.

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