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“Casey from Grand Cru Digital is amazing! Her expert knowledge of SEO and GOOGLE is second to none! Casey helps you to grow your business online, whilst providing a personalised service you can trust! Thanks Casey for all your help! I have loved having you as my new online marketing specialist!”
Kim McMaster
Owner – Gippsland Mortgage Solutions

“I hit a big problem with the traffic on my website, and every SEO specialist I spoke with wanted to sell me a big support package, whilst I felt I had a fire I needed to put out first. Casey suggested an SEO audit, and uncovered so much useful information in such a short space of time, and got everything back on track. She knows her stuff and was brilliant to work with.”
Amelia Lee
Owner – Undercover Architect

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Casey for the past 2 years. She is a great team lead with clear strategy and vision for the future. She is a keen learner and has an excellent eye for detail. Her ability to drive customer success is unmatched and she really motivates the team to excel and deliver above and beyond the requirement. Count on Casey to drive operational excellence and get work done the right way.”
Shashank Kapur
Google Account Manager

“Over the years that I have had the pleasure of dealing with Casey, I consider we have developed a strong rapport. She understands me, my business and has ever so gently nudged and encouraged me to take some leaps, and she is always willing to explain what may be obvious to some, but not so to me. Her input into the healthy growth of Best Of The Kimberley since the launch of our new website in 2014 has been invaluable and I have had complete trust in her advice and suggestions.”
Rosemary McGuigan
Owner – Best Of The Kimberley

“Casey from Grand Cru is efficient and so helpful! She helped us optimize our website at Cat Haven and walked us through what everything meant and how to complete each stage, resulting in a highly optimized site. She was also able to help apply for our Google Adwords grant and apply the grant so we now have our site showing right at the top of Google search pages. Fantastic service, great result -so happy and highly recommend.”
Chandra Woodley
Marketing Manager – Cat Haven

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