SEO Pricing

“In most cases, SEOs need 4 months to a year to help your business first implement improvements and then see potential benefit.”
Maile Ohye from Google

SEO Audit

From $3,000

One-off project to get your website up to scratch. 

Welcome to the Grand Cru Digital family!

When you decide to come on board as a client, we first get the paperwork out of the way. This consists of:

  • – Terms of service contract
  • – Invoice
  • – Access to your website, Google Analytics, Google Ads account, etc

Please note: We need access to the above purely for observation at this stage. If any changes need to be made these will all be approved by you first.

Next, we move onto our ‘Getting to know you form’. This document consists of 8-10 questions about your business, your target audience and your website.

Through this process, we aim to better understand what you want to achieve with your website and who your target audience is.

Once we are full bottle on your business, website, and target audience we can move onto the next stage.

First and foremostly, before we even think about trying to attract more people to the website, we want to make sure it works properly.

During this stage of the project, we look at all elements of your website to ensure the website is working to the best of its ability. We will detail numerous improvements based on Google best practices alongside suggestions of what you may need to consider in the future.

This technical SEO audit will cover everything from:

Can Google find all the pages on your website?

Is your website mobile friendly?

Are you losing visitors on your website due to slow loading pages?

Are you tracking key interactions with your website in Google Analytics and is your Google Analytics account set up correctly?

Are there any elements broken that are hindering potential customers from making a purchase/sending you an inquiry?

For more information, about what we check in our SEO Audits, please click here.

We understand that you don’t look at your website across all devices and click on every link every day which is why an SEO audit should be done at least every 12 months for all websites. With the online world moving so quickly, it’s important your website stays up to scratch, so you can get the utmost from it.

The SEO audit will be broken up into high-to-low priority tasks with these assigned to yourself, your web developer and your SEO specialist (we will try and implement as much as we can within the timeframe).

Once we know the website is looking and functioning well after our SEO audit, we look into how to get more people to your website.

This is a two prong approach. We firstly analyse how people are currently finding your website and interacting with it.

Secondly we look at how we can attract more people who fit into your target audience. 

We utilise professional tools like the Google Keyword Planner to acquire approximate monthly search volumes so we can optimise your website for keywords which potential customers are actually typing into the Google search box. This will result in organic traffic and conversion (leads, sales, enquiries, etc) growth.

We will look at target keywords to optimise the most important pages on your website (generally this is your homepage, service pages and product categories).

But not only this, we may also find keyword phrases that you can target with new content on your website.

Once you are happy with the target keywords and have signed off on these, we will proceed to audit the current content on your website to suggest content and html improvements. Typically this will be for at least 5 pages on your website, depending on what we have agreed on.

When we audit the content, we will look at the words on the page, the meta title and description (what is shown in the Google Search Result Pages) as well as the text which sits behind the images on the page. To name a few aspects of your webpages we look at.

We do not make any changes on your website until approved by you.

During this stage, we will implement the content and technical SEO audit improvements once signed off by you.

Sometimes the technical audit recommendations can take more time and most businesses will work through these over a number of months. We will complete as much as we can with the time we have got. If we cannot complete all the recommendations we will quote extra time or we can complete this during your monthly SEO management.

After implementation, you should see an initial boost in traffic to your website. To further grow this, we recommend ongoing monthly SEO management.

SEO Monthly Management

From $2,000 / month

Highly recommended. Ongoing SEO for continued organic growth.

Congratulations! The first step to SEO success is understanding it’s a ‘slow and steady wins the race’ form of marketing which you need to invest in long-term.

But not only that, it’s having the time and ability to continually keep up with the fast-moving world of the internet.

That’s where our Grand Cru SEO package comes in. We will work with you monthly to make sure your website is functioning the best it possibly can.

Whether you have a new website which hasn’t had any SEO work done on it before or you’ve worked with another SEO professional or agency, it’s important we start off on the right foot.

The beauty with online marketing is that it’s measurable.

We use tools like Google Analytics to understand where your website visitors are coming from (e.g. from Google, from Facebook or perhaps from your email newsletters) and what they are doing on your website.

Every month we will provide you with a hand-typed report which will cover everything from: how much traffic your website is getting from Google vs. other channels, how many people are converting (i.e. making a sale, filling out a form, downloading a brochure, watching a video or clicking on a phone number, to name a few), how your keywords are tracking on the search result pages, alongside a summary of the work we have done for the month and what we plan to do the next month. Plus more!

The reports can be completely tailored to what you want to see and how you prefer to digest the information. If you’d like it done via a video, we can do that too!

SEO is an important part of your business. The results you get from SEO can be impacted by so many things which may be out of our control.

Therefore, it is important we keep in close contact. Even if it’s just an email or Skype message to say you want to add a new page to the website or you received some press on another website – please let us know.

Alongside this, if you have any questions, please don’t be afraid to ask!

To ensure all lines of communication are open, we encourage you to add us on Skype or simply pop us an email. 

When we talk about content, we’re talking about the type of content which helps position you as a go-to resource and expert in your industry. It’s the type of content which puts your business in front of potential customers earlier in the buying cycle.

A content marketing strategy involves researching what content will stand out above the rest, creating the content, optimising it so people can find it and ultimately distributing it and amplifying it.

Content types can be anything from blog posts to infographics, videos and transcriptions, press releases and more. Every month we will work with you on content that people will want to read, and your business will be proud to have created it.

We will continually be looking for ways to improve your on-page SEO. From content optimisation to user experience (UX) and structured data markup (aka how to make your website speak directly to Google).

Google and other search engines (yes there are others, e.g. Yahoo, Bing and more) provide tools your business can use to help you understand what they see when they look at your website.

While this is great, as tools like Google Search Console are free, it can be tricky to understand and interpret the data.

We’ll take care of this for you and help you understand the tools better.

Mobile, mobile, mobile.

It should be no surprise that part of your SEO strategy revolves around your mobile website.

With more and more people accessing the internet via their smartphones, we need to ensure your website can be found and accessed via mobile devices.

Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet Market Share Worldwide (Feb 2018)

Mobile 51.95%
Desktop 43.98%
Tablet 4.07%

Local SEO is about getting your business in front of local customers (customers near you) at the exact time they’re looking for your products or services.

If you are a local business owner trying to get found via Google Maps or in the Local Pack on page 1 of the Google Search Results, we can help.

With Google becoming more personalised, i.e. it can show you different results based on your location, search and web history, etc., we want to make sure potential customers around you, know your business.

Part of having your local SEO up to scratch is an optimised verified Google My Business listing. We will help you get this up to scratch as well as providing ongoing advice.

For an example of a Google My Business listing, check out the Grand Cru Digital listing.

If you have read our SEO service page, then you understand that backlinks (i.e. other websites hyperlinking to your website) are important in SEO.

We are very careful when it comes to acquiring backlinks as we want these to be relevant and from trustworthy sites.

Unfortunately, a backlink can be created by anyone. To ensure we are aware of all links pointing to your website (and none of these hinder your results) we will conduct annual backlink audits.

It may sound a little boring, but believe us, if you are removed from Google’s index because of dodgy links, then you will have wished you’d done a backlink audit sooner/more often.

Helping you keep your website ‘housekeeping’ tasks done and everything up to date will result in a better experience for everyone.

While we aren’t developers, we can help with basic maintenance.

Every 6 months we will analyse how the strategy is working for you and if we need to make any changes or prioritise certain tasks.

It is also a chance for us to get your feedback to hear how things are going on the ground and if there is anything new we need to know about the business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need SEO?

SEO helps people find your website online. It makes your website more usable, useful and unforgettable to potential customers whether they find your website through Google or another means. Search engine optimisation simply requires a great webpage and knowledge. 

How long do I need to do SEO for?

SEO is an ongoing process. With more and more businesses engaging SEO specialists, it means online competition is ramping up. The sooner a solid SEO strategy is put in place and continually managed, the further ahead you’ll get of those yet to start.

SEO is just about keywords, right?

Not exactly. While keyword research is imperative to any SEO and/or online content strategy, it is one piece of a giant puzzle. Our aim is to get you traffic to your website which is going to convert and ultimately bring you further business.

Why is content good for SEO?

Yes, there’s a lot of content out there on the worldwide web already, yet Google wants to continually be giving users the best, most relevant and up to date content. There’s a reason why there’s over 3.5 billion Google searches a day in the world (Smart Insights); they’re all looking for something.