Google Ads Management Pricing

Engage an expert who is qualified in all areas of the Google Advertising network to look after your pay-per-click marketing budget.


Google Ads Set-Up / Review

From $2,000

Whether you are new to Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) or already have an account, we will set up new campaigns for you based on Google Best Practices and your business goals.

Firstly, let us get to know each other a bit better so that we understand what you want to get out of advertising via Google Ads.

Once you have accepted the quote, we will send you through a briefing questionnaire which we will follow up with a chat, to ensure we understand your business and your goals.

We will also ask you to give us Manager Access to your Google Ads account if you already have one set up. 

Otherwise we will create an account for you on your behalf – this will be attached to your email address and you will 100% own it.

The next step will be drafting up your account. This can typically take 3 hours or more to draft. We will draft everything from the account set-up (i.e. the campaigns, ad groups and keywords/targeting) to the ad copy and/or creative as well as the ad extensions.

Once we have completed the draft (we will typically do this via Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets – whichever you prefer) we will send it through to you for approval and to see if you have any questions.

Once you are happy with the proposed account set-up, we will complete implementation and can either set the ads to go live straight away or on a date which suits you best.

During this stage we will also review and implement goal conversion tracking to ensure you’re getting the results you need and want.

We can set up tracking for:

– Phone calls
– Form submissions
– Transactions/Sales
– Downloads
– And more!

Please note we will need access to your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts to do this.

As part of our one off set up, we will monitor the account weekly for 3 weeks following to ensure everything is running smoothly.

If the account requires optimisation, we will inform you. However ,we would highly suggest you sign up for our ongoing monthly management so the account can be looked after by a specialist and return on ad spend is achieved. 

Ongoing Monthly Management

From $1,100 / month

Like a website, Google Ads isn’t a ‘sit back and forget’ type of advertising. Your account needs to be monitored and optimised weekly – let us take care of that for you.

Once the account is set up according to the Grand Cru Digital and Google Best Practises, we will start your monthly management.

This will commence on the 1st day of the following month once set up is complete – i.e. if your set up is completed on March 20th, your monthly management will commence on the 1st of April.

During our monthly checks and optimisation of your account we will review numerous parts of your account such as:

– Reviewing keyword performance
– Ensuring your ads aren’t showing up on irrelevant searches
– Split testing ad copy
– Reviewing landing page experience 
– Adjusting bids to maximise profit
– Enhancing ads with the right ad extensions

To name just a few of the areas we will look at every week.

Changes will be made to the account based on performance.

Being a small business, Grand Cru Digital can offer a highly personalised service.

We are more than happy for you to contact Casey via email or Skype if you have any questions and she will get back to you as soon as she can.

As we work on your account and through our reporting/communications, we hope you understand more about how Google AdWords works so you understand how your money is being spent and what is resulting from it.

Part of our monthly Ads management package is to prepare an end of month report for you so you can see what was done on the account and how it is performing.

We create these reports ourselves (no templates) so that we can ensure you get the information you need in an easy to digest format.

These reports can be tailored to the information you’d like to see each month.