Content Writing & Strategy

Putting together an online content strategy is just as important as having your technical SEO up to scratch. A good strategy should include the regular creation of unique content to be distributed and amplified/promoted on the web in order to get it in front of customers' eyes (early and during the buying cycle).

It's not always about explicitly promoting your brand but simulating interest. It's content that is relevant to your industry and what current and potential customers may be interested in reading about.

What makes a great content strategy?

Really awesome content

It's simple. Content that stands out, is really well-written. It's readable, shareable and fits the audience it's targeting. There is no point writing content no one will read. If no one reads it, Google probably won't be bothered either. The GCD content is wrote for humans first and then optimised for Google.

Knowing your audience

Understanding who your customers are, where they hang out online and what they're interested in is key to creating content they'll be able to find, enjoy and engage with. Whether it's content published on your own website (i.e. a blog section) or via other means like LinkedIn, influencer blogs, Instagram, etc.

Content to engage & inspire

Sometimes it's not enough to simply update your website's blog every month with a 600-word post. Thinking outside-the-box may be the best strategy for your business from video content, to great visuals like infographics and graphs/charts, to publishing content on places like SlideShare and YouTube.

Strategic Content Marketing

The saying 'if you build it they'll come' is not correct when it comes to awesome content (nor a website). Once you have a piece of mind-blowingly great content, you need to be able to distribute and amplify/market it to maximise its worth. A content promotion strategy needs to be the next vital step after content creation.

Online statistics you need to know about:


Increased lead growth for small businesses who have blogs than those small businesses without.
- Content Marketing Institute

62% Less

It costs for content marketing than traditional marketing and it generates about 3 times more leads.


Most important factors online are content & links pointing to your site.
- Andrey Lipattsev, Senior Strategist at Google


Of marketers say good quality and relevant content is the most effective SEO tactic you can employ. 
- HubSpot

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