Google AdWords Management

Google AdWords is a type of pay-per-click online advertising. You can tell which results are ads on the Google search result pages by looking for the little Ad symbol. 

Casey at Grand Cru Digital is a certified AdWords Specialist.

Every year she resits her exams to keep her accreditations up to date.

She is confident across all areas of Google AdWords, including search, display, video, shopping and mobile ads.

How to be successful with Google AdWords:

Effective Campaign Set-Up

A well-run Adwords campaign will be set up as per Google best practises right from the get-go. It's important your campaign and ad group structure is strong and you have someone managing the account who understands how AdWords works in-depth.

Track Results (Conversions)

For an AdWords campaign to be effective, you should be managing the campaign regularly. Your AdWords specialist should be tracking the results and optimising the account based on performance. Goal conversion tracking is a must.

Your Website Should be Mobile-Friendly

It's easy to put an ad up. However, you need to remember, your website will impact how well your ads do. With more than 50% of Google searches from mobile devices, it's important your website is mobile-friendly and loads quickly.

Continuously Aim to Improve

Google AdWords is releasing new features all the time. Ensure you are proactive and stay up with the latest AdWords announcements so that your campaigns are always bringing you the best results possible. Split testing should be part of your strategy.

Google AdWords statistics you need to know about:

2% CTR

Is the average click-through-rate (CTR) of paid ads.
- WordStream

2:1 Return

Businesses generally make on average via AdWords.
- Google

41% of Clicks

Are on the top 3 ranking ads on the first page of Google.
- WordStream

65% of Consumers

Will click on a paid ad when ready to purchase.
- WordStream

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