Content Writing and Strategy Pricing

If you sign up for an ongoing Grand Cru SEO package, content writing, marketing and strategy is part of this package.

One-off content writing projects

From $99

Please contact us for further details. Quotes will be provided based on scope of the project.

Getting to Know You & Your Business

In order to write a piece of content which gets an audience as excited as the 'pop' of a champagne cork, we need to understand who you are and who your audience is.

We want the content to ooze your brand personality and ethos alongside attracting new and regular customers.

Once you have accepted the quote, we will provide you with a briefing document to fill out.

This will be followed with an online chat/phone call to ensure we are on the right track to move forward.

If you sign up for our Grand Cru SEO, please note this is all included in our package, alongside all your technical SEO work.

Keyword Research, Selection & Competitor Analysis

Like all good content marketing strategies that aim for increased website traffic, we want to spend time researching what keywords will bring visitors to your website.

Once we have a keyword theme (group of similar keywords around a specific topic) we can then work on content ideas and topics.

If you already have a content topic in mind, we will do some keyword research around that specific topic.

When we have content ideas and topics, we will investigate what is the competing content online, how we can find that unique angle, and improve on and make the content your own.

Content Creation

Now it's time to get creative!

Once we have drafted up the content and optimised it, we will send it through to you for review.

We'll also include a suggested meta title and description, so you can get the utmost SEO value from the content.

Once the content is approved, we can upload it to your website for you. We will need CMS access to do this.

Amplifying the Content

To make sure you get the most out of your content, we will provide you advice on how to amplify it.

This will include how to share it across social media, who to tag and hashtags to use. If the content is suited to distribution on other channels, we will also include this.


If you can provide us Google Analytics access, we are happy to show you how to check on how your content is performing.

We will also provide a 'how-to' handout, so you can continue to monitor the content over the coming weeks, months and years.

Understanding what works and doesn't work is a great way to fine-tune your ongoing content strategy.

12-Month Website Content Strategy

From $495

We'll put a plan together on content topics and how to distribute and amplify this content for DIY content creation.

Getting to Know You and Your Business

Understanding who you are as a business and the type of customers you are trying to attract is the foundation to putting together an effective website content strategy for your business.

Our content strategies focus on your website's blog or news section content.

We will plan out 1 piece of content for you to do each month for the next 12 months and also how to amplify the content, so it has the widest reach possible.

The plan will cover suggested headlines, a topic outline, keywords to use and more.

The content plan will be in a document that you can reuse in the future - it's all yours!

If you sign up for our Grand Cru SEO, please note this is all included in our package, alongside all your technical SEO work.

Industry Analysis

When putting together a 12-month blog content marketing strategy, we want to ensure we understand your industry.

We will look at what types of content are currently being published in your industry and where there are opportunities for you to stand out above the rest.

Keyword Research, Selection & Competitor Analysis

Once we know who you are, understand your industry and know who your customers are we can do our keyword research.

We will be looking for keyword themes which are relevant to your industry. These keyword themes will then help us craft our content ideas and topics.

Once we have an idea of these topics we will research what the competing content pieces are and how we can find a unique angle, make yours better and ensure your current/potential customers will enjoy it.

Content Planning and Marketing Strategy

Once we have our ideas, we will put these into a 12-month content plan for you. This will include topics, suggested headlines, points to cover in the piece and also how to amplify (market/promote) the content online.

If you need help actioning your blog content plan, feel free to ask us for a quote and we can help you.

Also, please note, this is included in our Grand Cru SEO plan.


In order for you to understand what works and what doesn't and to further craft your content strategy for your business, we highly recommend learning how to use Google Analytics.

We will be able to show you where in this analytics tool you can see how many website visitors viewed your content and if they went on to convert (i.e. make a purchase, call you, fill in a form etc.).

We will also provide a handout so you can refer to this down the track for further analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a blog post?

A blog post is normally housed in a 'blog' or 'news' section on a website. Each blog post should have its own URL (web address) and be 1,000 words or more for the utmost SEO benefit. The content should be written for humans first and optimised for Google second.

Why do I need a blog on my website?

There are so many reasons! To name a few: more website visitors via Google (more web pages = more touch points), content to share on social media, it humanises your brand (you're not just about money) and it encourages natural inbound links (important for SEO).

What do I write about on my website's blog?

Knowing what to write about and having the time and skills to create high quality content is a struggle for many small business owners. Our tip is to find a good writer and then listen to questions customers are asking and craft topics around those questions. And don't forget keyword research!

Can I use content I have published elsewhere?

What we call 'duplicate content' is a big no-no in the SEO world. If the content is published somewhere else, why would Google want to show the same content twice? Your content strategy needs to be all about creating unique content that is better than anything else out there.